Speaking Engagements

The success of any organization is dependent on the health of its people, corporate wellness. Employees encouraged to embrace wellness and adopt a healthy lifestyle makes good business sense – they’re more productive, use less sick leave, maintain a positive outlook, and are often less expensive to insure!

Lisa can customize a speech, workshop or presentation tailored for your conference, event, retreat or corporate gathering. Her speaking style will captivate, motivate, and energize your audience. Lisa connects with your attendees, inspiring them to take action today! Presentations on many nutrition and wellness topics include: Meet Me Halfway, Eaton Wright to Stay Young; Don’t Get Thin, Get Lean; Manage Your Weight with Sleep; Balancing Your Hormones for Better Health; Managing Menopause and Hormone Havoc; Anti-Aging Diet Secrets; Know Your Body – Health Wisdom for Women; Energy Boosters that Fight Fatigue.